Tuesday, April 19, 2011

P is for Patience (or lack thereof)

My children are a constant source of inspiration. They are also extremely strong-willed, stubborn children. I love them to death, but we're in throes of the terrible threes (I don't know why people complain about the twos--they're nothing compared to three), and I can only hope to survive until Snuggle Monkey turns four.

Every now and then the poetry muse hits, often after something my boys have done. I wrote this last year around Easter. Hmmm. I detect a pattern...

I Want to Run Away

My children test my patience almost every single day.
Some days it gets so bad, they make me want to run away.
Run off to join the circus, where I'll train the dancing bear.
Or maybe to the city, to sell fancy underwear.
No, retail's not for me, instead I'll travel 'round the world.
Outracing storms and tidal waves with massive sails unfurled.
I'll go on a safari and I'll sleep up in a tree.
I'll fend off greedy pirates, search for treasure in the sea.
I'll climb upon the pyramids, go see the Taj Mahal,
commune with some orangutans and walk on China's wall.
I'll ride a Russian rocket, yes, I'll take it straight to Mars,
then further out to space to see Orion's eighty stars.
I'll travel 'round the universe, but come home when I'm tired
from all of the adventures that my children have inspired.

What about you? What inspires you? What tests your patience to the limits? (And how do you cope?)


  1. Don't worry, they get a lot worse when they become teenagers. Brace yourself.
    Moody Writing

  2. Alison, I think you just need to enjoy and appreciate the great moments you have with your kids. They grow up very fast, and there are challenges at every age (just different kinds).

  3. Kids are adorable and fun to be with, so it's ok if they get on your nerves sometimes.

    Regarding Easter, we took Irfan from kindy today and he showed us his hand crafts consisting of egg basket (he ate the egg, btw), and other drawings.

    I'm driven nuts by traffic jams and rude drivers.

    Life on The Farm

  4. One day, your teenagers might turn that poem against you:

    'My parents test my patience ...'

    It seems to work just as well! :-)

  5. First--I love your poem filled with energy and action--oh, the places you'll go! Ah, Moody Writing is right! Wait until they are teenagers. :p What inspires me--walking in the woods or watching the wildlife around (and in) my pond. :0)

  6. Love the poem!
    Totally agree about the terrible 3s vs. 2s!
    All I can say is, they grow up so fast. My terrible three-year olds are all teenagers now, with a whole new set of things to cope with - terrible teens? - but even on the days where I'm tearing out (what's left of) my (graying) hair I wouldn't trade them for anything :) And they are inspirational at every age!

  7. Mood: I know, the teens won't be any better. Different, maybe worse. But by then, logic and reason should have made at least a small appearance.

    Andrea: I'm actually not complaining, and I do enjoy the moments, because they're growing so fast!

    Grandpa: Completely agree about traffic and rude drivers.

    K.C.: I'm in for it, then, aren't I? ;)

    Clara: Thanks! And nature is also a terrific inspiration.

    Susanna: I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)