My Non-Fiction

As much as I love rediscovering my creative side, I am still a scientist and a teacher at heart. Here are my most recent publications:
Animal Cognition (Nature Education Knowledge, 2012)

Predation, Herbivory, and Parasitism (Nature Education Knowledge, 2010)

Dynamics of Predation (Nature Education Knowledge, 2010)

Introduction to Basic Drivers of Climate (Nature Education Knowledge, 2011)

Factors Affecting Global Climate (Nature Education Knowledge, 2011)

Discovering Native Bees (Green Teacher, Summer 2011; activities available online)

What Do They Eat? (Boys' Quest, June 2012)

Cool Jobs: Planet protectors (Science News for Kids, 21 June 2012)

Under the Ice (Highlights, September 2012)

Pathways to Research: Young scientists tackle abstract problems (Science News for Kids, 24 Oct. 2012)

Pathways to Research: Pursuing a passion (Science News for Kids, 19 Nov. 2012)

How Bats Slurp at Night (Highlights, December 2012)

How Brainy are Monkeys? (Highlights, March 2013)

Mane Attraction (ASK magazine, March 2013)

Concussion: More than 'getting your bell rung' (Science News for Kids, 20 Feb. 2013)

How Many Turns for the Tern? (Highlights, June 2013)

Some dirt won't hurt (Science News for Kids, July 17 2013)

It's a Jungle Up There (ASK magazine, July/August 2013)

Accepted but not yet published:

Bee? Wasp? Flower Fly! (Highlights)

The Hidden Lives of Crows (Highlights)

Seven Sleepers (Highlights)

Pollinator Gardening (Trail Tales)