Windows of Insight

Creativity. We all use it, although we may not think about it consciously. Sure, artists and writers use it more than most, but it's not just for them. Innovators, entrepreneurs, problem solvers, parents. All require a bit of creativity: the ability to look at a situation from a different perspective and see it with new eyes.

But it's not always easy to do that. Sometimes it helps to hear how others have solved problems with creative solutions. So here are a few windows of insight into the minds of creative people. Some are professional creatives, some are parents, some have jobs you wouldn't think of as creative. Experienced and beginners alike, they can all offer a window of insight into the creative mind. I hope you find something inspirational!

Evelyn B. Christensen, author of educational puzzle books

Michael Grant, [immortal] computer mathematics researcher 

Maureen Crisp, children's author and teacher

Chris Guillebeau, unconventional entrepreneur