Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Creativity challenge - thoughts or suggestions?

I have been thinking (it happens sometimes... not often, but on occasion). It usually makes Beloved Husband a little nervous, but he's getting good at hiding it.

I have been wondering what the optimal time frame would be for the creativity challenges.  Putting up the word prompts at the beginning of the month and posting at the end is simply too long of a delay. Should I post them at the beginning of the month, with the first posts due that day? The end of the first week? Have everything at the end of the month?

What do you think? I want you to participate. It's only fun if you participate, too. So... please let me know your thoughts.


  1. Hi Alison,

    Some people have one-week challenges, like The Miss Rumphius Effect and others use one month, like David L. Harrison. I think it can work either way and will grow naturally as you connect with your audience. After a while, people come to expect the challenges and want to join in. If it's a month-long challenge they might need reminders along the way, because there is just so much going on in the blogosphere.

    I know your challenges are not just for poetry, but you could try joining the Poetry Friday roundups, which are widely read and provide a little announcement and a link back to your page.

  2. Every 2 weeks might be a good compromise. Just a suggestion. I really enjoy your blog, Roland

  3. Toby and Roland: both great suggestions, thank you. I'll think about them some more and come up with something that's consistent from month-to-month.

    I completely missed Poetry Friday last week (and you were hosting, too, Toby!). I need to get back to it, and I appreciate the suggestion to remind people.

    Thanks, Roland, for the kind words about the blog!