Friday, April 23, 2010

Creativity and Compassion

This is one of those weeks... I have multiple deadlines, sick children to tend to, and absolutely no time for creative pursuits (I don't even have time for my morning pages—ack!). So I'm not writing much today, other than to link to a few other, thoughtful sites.
  • See Soul Shelter for some thoughts on creating a cultural bill of rights
  • The Compassionate Action Network will be hosting a festival of compassion tomorrow to honor Seattle as the first city to adopt the Charter for Compassion. (Have you affirmed the charter, yet?)
  • And Sunday is World Malaria Day. Those of us fortunate enough to live in areas unaffected by malaria don't often consider its impact, but please consider helping the fight against this disease, to break the cycle of illness and poverty affecting people in many developing nations.
Do something compassionate this weekend. Then come back here and tell us what it was, how it felt, who benefited from your actions.

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