Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Author inspiration: Meg Rosoff

Last week, I recommended books by the fabulous Meg Rosoff, and I mentioned that I had sent her a message asking about the inspiration behind Just In Case. The lovely woman replied and allowed me to post it here.

Hi Alison

I'm really pleased that you like my books, or at least my 'voice'!

Just In Case is kind of a long story -- my youngest sister got breast cancer, then it came back, then my middle sister got it as well, and I noticed that my previously atheist academic family had all started to become very superstitious -- picking up pennies on the street for luck, finding significant numbers in things.....and I started to think about the link between superstition and depression.  Just IN Case is kind of about depression - - what happens when you take an interesting philosophical idea (fate) and can't make limits for it -- until it begins to take on a life of its own.

Anyway, that's roughly the source of the idea.  Years ago I had a friend who said that being depressed makes you see the world as it really is, but that vision of life is intolerable -- that's how I see Justin -- beleaguered and hounded by all the terrible things that might happen to him, and desperate to control his life by thwarting fate.
I could go on....

Thanks again for writing.

Thank you, Meg, for taking a moment to tell us about the source of your inspiration. And yes, I do love your books, not just your voice (but the voice brings the books to life).

As I mentioned in my previous post, I highly recommend Meg's books. And she has inspired me to start interviewing a variety of people (authors and others who rely on creativity for their work) to learn what inspires them, and more about the creative process and how it works for them.

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