Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Seize the moment

I was planning to post about something else, but that has to take a backseat to the exciting launch of this Kickstarter campaign by my dear friend and critique partner, Julie Hedlund.

Julie is an extremely talented writer, creator of award-winning storybook apps, and is now developing a hybrid publishing model for her newest book, My Love For You is the Sun. (As I said, she's talented.)

My Love For You is the Sun celebrates a parent's love for a child with lyrical words and stunning clay illustrations by Susan Eaddy. (See above!)

The only way this beautiful book will become a reality is through a crowd-funding effort to fund the initial print run. This unusual approach allowed Julie to choose her own illustrator (anyone familiar with publishing will know that's typically taboo). And as you can see, the results will be out of this world.

If you have any interest in books that celebrate the bond between parents and children, please consider supporting Julie's project. I, for one, can't wait to have the book in my hands.

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