Friday, January 20, 2012

New arrival

This week is one of change. We've been thinking about getting a dog for a while now, but the local Humane Society has very few and those that come in are usually gone the next day. So when my husband pulled up their web site and found this guy, we knew we had to act fast.

Meet Koda (who, incidentally, looks a bit like Yoda). He's adjusting to life in our family with terrific speed, and we're just so glad to have him. Somehow, it feels like a home, now that he's here.

Do you have pets? What's your favorite thing about them?


  1. Oh I'm so happy for you Alison! Those are some seriously grateful doggie eyes if I've ever seen them! :-)

  2. What a great dog! You guys are really settling in now. Pets add so much love to a home.

  3. My favorite things about pets is that they love you unconditionally! Koda is one lucky dog!

  4. How sweet!

    We have a three-legged Treeing Walker Coon Hound named Cocoa aka Coconut, Coconutter, Cokes, etc. She was a stray we "adopted." She had four legs at first, but got hit by a car a few months after we had decided to keep her.

    Have fun with your little Koda.

  5. Thanks everyone! Koda's great, although he's in need of some training. He's keeping me busy!

    Christie--I'm sorry to hear about Cocoa's leg. We used to have a neighbor with a three-legged dog, and I was always amazed at how fast it could run!