Thursday, October 27, 2011


These days, my mind is completely focused on either kid-related stuff (Halloween parties, costumes, conferences with teachers, costumes, book orders, costumes, fund-raisers, costumes, and pumpkin-carving; did I mention costumes?) or writing-related stuff (queries for magazine articles, tightening Thunderstruck, planning for NaNo).

Maybe focused isn't the right word. Scattered, perhaps.

To give you an idea, I was outside during the incredible northern lights display Monday night but so focused on sorting the recycling that I completely missed this:


So today's post is short and sweet, with a bit of fun to get you ready for the weekend.

And I'm off to finish some last-minute projects before November 1!


  1. I saw the video yesterday - fun! Missing the Northern Lights is a real bummer though.

  2. I love these light shows. I posted one on my blog yesterday doing the thriller theme. I think it is the same house.

  3. It's hard sometimes to not get lost in those petty everyday details. Hope you get to see the lights another time! And the Halloween video - it's amazing.

  4. Alex, I was so sad when I discovered I'd missed them. I spent seven years in Minnesota and only saw a tiny bit of them... once. :(

    Michael: Impressive, isn't it? I think this family does it every year.

    Lauri: Thanks!

  5. I hate feeling like that; ready to weep if one more thing gets piled on...
    Good luck with NaNo!

  6. That's gorgeous! <3

    And I'm completely with you on the scatteredness... how is it almost November already? Where did October even go?

  7. I'm scattered every day too, I think that's why I suit writing poems, short stories and picture books lol. Love the light show, I've been posting those all week myself. Have a super Halloween!

  8. Great light show, Alison. Happy Halloween!

  9. Missing the Northern Lights stinks. I saw some gorgeous facebook photos this past week.

    Fun light show. I always admire the time it takes to set those up.

  10. Now that is impressive. I think I'll show my kids. Good luck with NaNoWriMo!