Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Life in 300 square feet

We (my husband, two children, and I) have spent the past four weeks living in small spaces: the two weeks before the move in a small one-bedroom apartment in Berlin, the last two weeks in an equally small one-room hotel suite. As the woman in Julia Donaldson's A Squash and a Squeeze would put it, it's titchy for four.

So what have we been up to since returning Stateside? Lots o' things...
  • we bought a car (we hadn't planned to)
  • we spent four hours in the ER with our 3-year-old (hadn't planned that, either)
  • we decided against the house we were sure we wanted before we moved and wound up looking at about 25 more
  • we refereed countless numbers of fights between two boys who could use a little more distance from each other
  • we discovered that the Great Plains can be hot and humid and rather miserable at times, and, consequently, came to accept the necessity of air conditioning
  • we went to the Farmer's Market, discovered burpless cucumbers, and sampled real maple syrup by the spoonful
  • we spent time hanging out in the (THE!) indie bookstore in town
  • we had decent margaritas and Mexican food for the first time in years
  • we went for walks in the nearby park and watched the curious fireflies check out our curious children
  • we found a place to call home
And on Saturday, I head to Chautauqua for the Writers Workshop! I can't wait to get my head back into writing. It's been far too long.

Check back on Monday for the first part of a terrific guest post by Katie Davis--Marketing Monday at it's finest!


  1. Glad you found a house. And air conditioning is as necessary as air in the midwest.

  2. Alison, I'm so glad to hear you're on the way to being settled. It sounds like quite an adventure! Looking forward to hearing about Chautauqua.

  3. Hooray for finding a place to call home! Have fun in Chautauqua.

  4. Allison, where did you move to? I know you were coming to the US but lost track of where you finally ended up. I wish I could go to Chautacqua. What an experience that will be!

  5. Glad you have found a home and are settling in. I can't WAIT to hear all about Chautauqua. Green with envy, but also so excited for you.

  6. Welcome back! You've never had real maple syrup? I'm shocked, but maybe because I grew up in New York and still live in New York, and we are covered in maples.

    Good luck settling in! And have fun (and productivity) at Chautauqua!

  7. Lots o' things, indeed. Sounds like an adventure, for sure. Hope your house is lovely. I know you'll have a blast at the writer's conference (though I've never been to that one). They have a nice tendency to get more writing juices flowing. Hope you'll share the goodies.