Friday, June 24, 2011


We're just about to move from Europe to North America, and given how hectic the past six weeks have been, I am incredibly grateful for a number of things.
  • Internet access!! (for the first time in weeks—it's been killing me)
  • My son is napping and the construction workers outside took a break. Peace and quiet for the first time all week.
  • Not having to pay rent for July when we won't even be here. (Long story, but it almost happened.)
  • The housing manager offered to paint our old apartment for us. (For once my lack of skill paid off—he saw how inept my painting was and quickly offered to bring in someone who could do it right.)
  • The movers had mad 3-D Tetris skillz and managed to fit all of our stuff into the shipping container, even though we were sure something would have to stay behind.
  • The washing machine didn't break until our last load of laundry.
  • The people who were buying our washer and dryer (knowingly) took the washing machine anyway.
  • The army of friends who have watched our kids, fed us, and schlepped us (and our stuff) around Berlin.
  • My children's excitement about the move.
  • Discovering a trail at the end of a lake that led into the Grunewald yesterday morning. I spent the morning soaking up the forest, since there's nothing like it on the Plains.
  • Having had the opportunity to live in Europe for five years.
  • Living in a place that inspired my latest novel and prompted me to start writing again.
  • Finally getting an acceptance letter from Highlights.
  • My signed copy of Possum Summer, which I'm saving for the plane ride.
  • Only five more days until I get to read it.

I hope you're all doing well. Sorry for my absence from the blogosphere, but I hope to be back soon!


  1. Wow, Alison! It's sounds like you've been busy. I hope the move goes smoothly.

  2. Congratulations on your Highlights acceptance! That's fantastic! What's the piece?

    Sounds like things are moving along (no pun intended!) Have a fun and uneventful journey and enjoy settling into your new (or old) home!

  3. What a great list! I'm so excited for you and your move. I hope it all goes smoothly and you enjoying being back stateside! : )

  4. Andrea: Yes, it's been busy. I'm so ready to be done with it all!

    Susanna: Thank you! It's a nonfiction article about seals.

    Megan: Thanks! I hope it goes smoothly. I'm a little worried about the culture shock. :)

    Alex: Thank you! I can only hope to add that to the list in a few days' time.

  5. Woo, welcome to North America when you get here!! Congrats on getting accepted by Highlights!!!! Very cool.

  6. Wow, Alison, big congrats on your Highlights acceptance letter! Everything is coming together for you.

    Right now I'm sitting on a porch very close to where Highlights is, listening to the rain and thunder and watching the clouds move along the tops of the hills. Pennsylvania, I love.

    Soon we will hear from you on the other side. Have a safe trip!

  7. Great to hear you're doing well, and that Europe triggered at least a number of good things. :-)

    Have a great and safe trip! :-)

  8. What a great list Alison. Safe travels back to the States, where lots of new adventures await you.

  9. Congrats on Highlights, that's brilliant. All the help and luck you need to move brings back memories. Best wishes with it all.

  10. So many wonderful things happening for you. Congrats on Highlights! Travel safely.

  11. I think you are so lucky for your time in Europe. That kind of background knowledge adds so much dimension to your writing. Can't wait to hear more once you get here. Congrats on Highlights. Big Score on that One.

  12. Have a safe trip. I loved hearing all the things you put on your list. So many things worked out! Best wishes.