Wednesday, January 19, 2011


On Monday I had just finished rewriting the opening chapter of my MG mystery (and realizing it wouldn't work) when I got the call. Snuggle monkey was running a low-grade temperature and really out of it. Could I please pick him up?


Nothing like the unexpected to completely derail progress. If you can call rewriting eight pages for nothing progress. But it made me realize how great it's been this year: everyone's been healthy!

During the last school year, we spent eight solid months with one of the two boys home for one or two days each week. I had three weeks last year during which I had a whole five-day work week to get things done. Yep, three weeks.

This year, they've had about five sick days between them.

*knocks on wood*

*stops to appreciate just how wonderful it's been that we've all been healthy*

*knocks on wood again*

I can't begin to express how grateful I have been for that time.

It even makes up for the dreaded email that landed in my inbox on Friday: lice. At the school, in the rooms where Boss Man's been lately. The same rooms where I recently found him wearing a crown.

Saturday involved a fine-tooth comb, a bright light, a magnifying glass, and a lot of time with the kids in front of a movie and me inspecting every inch of their scalps and hair.  We got lucky—no need to shave their heads.

*knocks on wood some more*

Now, back to that chapter...

What unexpected events have derailed your efforts of late?


  1. Glad the family is all ok. We had a year of illness from my oldest, that was tough!

    Ugh, lack of internet connection has SERIOUSLY hit me hard this month!!! But I'm back, thank goodness, and appreciating the internet like I never have before :)


  2. Thanks, Rach. Ooh, no internet is a major challenge. Glad you're up and running again!

  3. Snow days, sick Grandma, car in the shop for over a many derailments this month!! My blog/Twitter connections have been the main sacrifice, but I'm finding writing time very hard to come by these days! Hope your little guy gets better and stays healthy for another long stretch!

  4. That's a lot, Megan! Now I understand your post from yesterday. :) On the bright side, every day bring us closer to spring and warmer weather.

  5. Family visiting was the winning derailer by a mile this month...

    Hope your family continues having a (mostly) healthy year!

  6. Family visits are a big one.

    The boys are better, now my husband's home sick. :(