Thursday, June 24, 2010

Creativity Challenge Word Pool

I am the only person in our household to lack a Y chromosome. As a result, I am surrounded by pirates, dragons, kings, knights, racecars, and similarly boyish things. Add that to my background as a zoologist/ecologist, and you end up with a lot of word prompts that fit into one of two categories.

To make the Creativity Challenge interesting and fun for everyone (and more of a challenge, to boot), please suggest word prompts!  You can post them in the comments below. I will add them to the ongoing list of words on the challenge page.

At the start of each month, I'll use to choose three words for that month's prompts (words are numbered sequentially; as they are used, they will be removed from the pool).


  1. faery, pen, cloud, turtle, frog, shoes, candle, treelimb, daisies, sunflower, seashells, snow, glass box, head of lettuce, message, bottle, lipstick, bag of bears, Hawaii, disco dancing, jazz dancer, drums, hula skirt, mosquitos, winter melon, summer squash, invisible tape, bug collection, dreamy poetry, frame, fence, dead grass, yard of weeds, bottle of perfume, monster truck, gold, ceramic puppy, piggy bank, contact lenses, valentine heart, granola bar, flashlight, rubber band, plastic beads, board game, polka dot, steering wheel, paper weight, checkbook, dictionary, light bulb, bouncy ball, princess, gymnastics, stoplight, letters, sandals, black bag, hot air, striped pants, pigtails, sleeping baby, jack-o-lantern. Okay, I'll stop now.

  2. I should have known you'd be a font of ideas. Thanks Christie! I'll work on getting the list up on the Creativity Challenge page.