Monday, June 21, 2010

Celebrating solstice

Today is the summer solstice, the first day of summer and longest day of the year. In Germany, the time from sunrise until sunset is almost 17 hours. Plus the many hours of not-really-dark dawn and dusk. The birds start singing around 3am, and you can't see anything dimmer than Venus or the moon by midnight.

What better day to burn those long daylight hours and finish writing a novel?

I just did it. Finished the MG novel that I started in mid-May. My first one. It's still rough, but it's there... the characters, the plot, the scenes and dialogue. And it was a lot of fun to write.

I plan to set it aside for a week or two while I work on non-fiction travel series I've been thinking about. We'll see what comes of that.

But for now, I am exhausted. Spain just scored a goal, so I'm going to zone out in front of the TV watching the World Cup (shh... don't tell my muse).


  1. Hey!

    Fabulous! I didn't know you had a blog!

    (go spain!)

    I've added you - and thanks for visiting! And HUGE congrats on finishing your MG!

  2. Thanks, Jen! I just found yours yesterday, too. Thanks for stopping by. :D

  3. I'm glad I found your blog - it looks really interesting and I'll be back. Congrats on finishing your novel!

  4. Congratulations on your latest accomplishment! Would love to take a look at it when you're ready.

  5. This is a test comment. I'm testing the avatar function of your commenting abilities, if that makes any sense. You can delete this comment later if you want.

  6. Andrea: glad to have you join us!

    Christie: your avatar worked in the second comment. Are you sure you want to tackle something this long? It started out as a PB but begged to be written in full... And actually, now that I look at the length, it's probably a chapter book, rather than a MG. Let's call is a junior novel. =D

  7. I missed this post when it came out. Congrats on finishing your MG!