Friday, May 7, 2010

Poetry Friday: oh no, not me

My post on procrastination (or rather how NOT to procrastinate) sparked a poem. I had actually planned to write a post about Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes today, but the poem took precedence. Procrastination? Not necessarily... either one fits the bill for Poetry Friday.

Oh No, Not Me

Procrastinate? Oh no, not me.
I'll get it done, just wait and see.
But first I need to read the news,
and bake a cake and buy some shoes.
Turn on computer, make some tea.
(I'm just about to work, you see.)
I'll get on Facebook, tend the farm:
harvest crops and build a barn.
OK, that's done, it's time to write
'bout urban sprawl and urban blight...
Oh, look! I see I have a tweet.
@mariella: aren't you sweet!
Back to cities... built on grids...
Oh crap! I've got to get the kids!
The day is done. I wrote one line.
I've got a week... there's LOTS of time!
© Alison Pearce Stevens

Disclaimer: I do not know @mariella (or even if she exists), nor do I pursue any agricultural activities on Facebook. I wrote this in my head while out walking today.  That doesn't really count as procrastination, does it? I prefer to think of it as a good use of my time.

Poetry Friday is hosted by Diane Mayr at Random Noodling.


  1. Yes, it surely was a good use of your time! Thanks for reminding me of why I haven't joined facebook. :-)

  2. Love it! I am somewhat of a recovered procrastinator, or maybe better -- a selective procrastinator. I've learned some hard lessons by thinking I had enough time to do five other things first...