Friday, November 20, 2009

Writing, at last!

Well, it worked! The Creativity Challenge got me writing, again, yippee!  I wrote my short story based on the first challenge words, but it is currently almost 1200 words long, a bit much to post here.  I will try to cut it down. Hmm, perhaps we need a word limit? Is 500 words too few?  I'll have to think about it. My sister sent me a wonderful story of her own—thanks for doing this with me!!  Anyone else want to join in? Post your stories in the comments below (if they fit). 

Not only did I start writing for the CC story, I also sat down and put about three pages of background information on paper (electronically speaking). This was for an idea that has been floating around in my head for a while, now. There is a 15-year-old boy who has been sitting in the back of my brain, waiting for me to notice him. He is very reclusive; he is not interested in opening up about himself. All I know is that he is French-Canadian and he's running from something. I have no idea what. But I do know where he's going, and I've even managed to sketch a topographic map of it (once the creative juices start flowing, they go in all kinds of crazy directions).  It's been fun and I look forward to seeing just where this person takes me.

I nearly lost all of that hard work, however, when my file corrupted, just a day after I created it. NOOOOO! I thought it was all gone (when I had trouble saving, I really should have printed it out, just to be safe). But last night, I managed to find a backup. (Note to anyone using Open Office: use the "always create backups" setting, in case this happens to you, and many thanks to Digital Bits Technology Column for telling me how to find those backups when I needed them.)  I have since made additional backups and will do so after every writing session. Happy writing, everyone!

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