Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Creativity Challenge

I started this blog in the hopes that blogging every day would structure my "real" writing efforts, but it hasn't been working. Time to restructure and to issue myself (and anyone else interested) a creativity challenge.

Just what does that entail, you ask? This challenge is modeled on one of my favorite assignments from a drawing class I took in high school. We were told to find three separate, unrelated items and incorporate them all into one drawing. In that instance, one of the three had to be ourselves (it was a self-portrait assignment), but for the Creativity Challenge, there is no such restriction.

To meet the Creativity Challenge, I (and anyone who wants to join me... please join me in this!) must write a short story based on three randomly selected words. I will post the words for each challenge and, a day or two later, will also post my resulting story. I would love to see what others come up with for the same words. And I'm open to comments (and constructive criticism) on my own stories. 

With the rules in place, let's begin our first challenge with: crab, pirate, candle (don't ask where I get the words, it all comes from conversations or things I see at challenge time).  Let's get creative!

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