Thursday, April 4, 2013

School visits!

I know, I'm blogging twice in one week. I don't *think* the apocalypse is nigh, but I'm probably not the best gauge.

I've been doing lots of school visits over the past couple of weeks, and I just want to say a big
to Belmont and Morley teachers and librarians for inviting me, and to their fabulous students for being so attentive, asking such great questions, and generally making my job a ton of fun.

From researching and writing non-fiction with fourth and fifth graders to the adaptations of native plants and the extraordinary world of native pollinators with second graders (complete with getting dirty and planting some seeds), it's been an extraordinary series of visits.

Thank you all for letting me share my knowledge and my writing with you! I hope someday soon to return with my books--in addition to my magazine articles--in hand.

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  1. School visits sound fun~ I hope to have a reason (i.e. a published book in hand) to do some one of these days :)