Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Looking for a few good teachers!

Hey teachers! Want to get your students out of the classroom? Connect them with the critters in their own neighborhood? Give them the tools they need to work toward positive change? All while working toward meeting National Science Education Standards?

I'm looking for a few adventurous elementary/middle school teachers who would like to incorporate some hands-on, inquiry-based activities into their classroom curriculum.

The activities in question address the following National Science Education Standards:
  • characteristics of organisms 
  • organisms and environments 
  • regulation and behavior 
  • populations and ecosystems 
  • diversity and adaptations of organisms
Curious? Interested? Send me an email at alison [at] apstevens [dot] com to find out more! (If you're not a teacher, but you know someone who is, please pass this along!)

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