Friday, November 5, 2010

Things to know about agents

Since I'm in the process of writing query letters (two, actually, one for my nonfiction PB, another for the MG fantasy), agents are very much on my mind this week.

And what should I discover on Twitter but a marvelous blog post by Nicola Morgan about the misconceptions people have about agents. If you want to get an agent, check it out. Then go and read Rachelle Gardner's post and the series of posts by Wendy Lawton about agentfail.  They are all well worth the read.

Do you have an agent or are you looking for one? What are your expectations?


  1. I just read Nicola's and Rachelle's posts - actually, I follow Rachelle's blog - and man, it's a tough road, with or without an agent. I went through an agent-seeking phase when I first wrote picture books. I was rejected by four or 5, and it took so long to even get those rejections that I gave up and sent the manuscripts directly to editors. It worked okay for picture books, but soon I'll have my adult novel ready, and I definitely need an agent for that.

    Good luck with your search, Alison. I think the query letters are the hardest part! Do you agree?

  2. I queried a book last year, but wasn't getting anything ... I knew what my problem was though.

    Anyway, i decided to write another book. I need to finish up my revisions (only minor ones left) and I'll be querying soon.

  3. Thanks for this trail of information! I've been thinking about trying the agent route, so this is all very helpful info for me!!

  4. I queried this year. I didn't do too bad, I had 2 partial requests on my YA but both came back as rejections. One was a helful rejection though. I put it aside to focus on NaNo. I'm enjoying getting back to the writing since the querying can be such a drag at times. Hang in there. If you every feel down or defeated, just give a shout out, I'll send you some happy, loving thoughts and support. You go girl!

  5. Good luck, Alison! More power to you, girl! FYI, I am gathering a list of agents over on my blog. Agents that accept picture books. There will eventually be more than 50.

    I personally will not actually seek an agent until I either have a couple of picture books published, OR have a novel written and ready to submit.

  6. I left an award for you at my blog today! : )

  7. Good luck with your queries!

    I won't be searching for an agent/publisher for a while; I still have yet to finish writing my current novel!

  8. I do have an agent, but for an adult novel, so not sure how it works for picture books.

    As for expectations, I suppose I just wanted someone I could openly talk to who liked my work! And of course be an advocate for me to the publishing world. Beyond that I haven't really thought too far...