Monday, March 22, 2010

Glowing Green Eye

Poetry Friday got me into a poetic frame of mind, centering 'round monsters. I wrote it for my two little monsters and I hope others will enjoy reading it and sharing it with any little monsters they may know.

So today I give you my new poem:

Glowing Green Eye
Copyright © 2010 Alison Pearce Stevens
This thing was in my room last night.
It really gave me such a fright.
A round green eye, down by the floor.
Or was it over by the door?
I'm sure it moved.
I saw it blink.
It hid below my bed, I think.
A furry beast with scaly tail,
had just escaped from monster jail.
It searched for safety in my room
and hid out in the nighttime gloom.
And then I thought, Would they give chase?
What kind of creatures would I face?
Lanky monsters, tall and thin?
With prickly whiskers on their chin?
Or round and fat with great big teeth
and lots of scales down underneath?
Would they be yellow, green, or blue?
Striped with spots and feathers, too?
Come to get the one who'd slid
beneath my bed, where it still hid?
An army coming at my bed.
Would they get him?
Or me, instead?
I hid my head beneath the sheet
and listened for the monster feet.
Soon I heard the op'ning door
and soft feet padding 'cross the floor.
Heard Mommy say, "Sweet dreams! Good night!
"I hope you like your new nightlight!"
Then Mommy left without a sound.
The nightlight glowed, all green and round.
The monsters in my head all jeered,
then looked surprised,
and disappeared.
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  1. I like it, I like it!!

  2. This is wonderful Alison! I can see reading it to my pre-k students and having them delight in it! So glad to have found your blog!

    Your cousin, Kristin

  3. Bravo! I'll read this to Anna tomorrow.

  4. Thank you! :) It got my little ones making monster feet out of old tissue boxes.

  5. Super! Will you find an illustrator or will that be your publisher's job! This will make a terrifc book. My "mind's eye" sees all kinds of possibilities.

  6. Hi Ralph. Thinking positively, I see! I appreciate it. :) So am I. It would fall to the publisher to find an illustrator, unless I illustrated it myself. But my art classes are now many years behind me, and I think it would be fun to see what someone else comes up with. My current task is to finish the rest of the poems that make up the book. I'm a little over half-way there (not bad for five days of work!).

  7. I can hardly wait to read the rest of the poems! I think you have found your niche. I agree that pre-k would love them, especially boys, and it's often hard to find literature that is inviting to boys. Keep on keeping on.