Monday, February 22, 2010

Finding inspiration

The creative process requires input; without it, there can be no output. This is the reason Julia Cameron recommends taking time to "fill the well" with ideas, sights, sounds, conversations, scents. They act as tinder for the creative spark.

So where to turn for inspiration? Anywhere, really. Some of the most delightful ideas come from the most unexpected places...  something lying on the ground, a walk in nature, a ride on the subway, a piece of music, someone else's artwork, newspaper article, blog post, or novel. Yes, reading deprivation can help ignite the creative process, but so can reading. As long as you aren't using it as a distraction.

Pianist and composer Ludovico Einaudi based his composition, Le Onde, on Virginia Woolf's book, The Waves. It is an extraordinary thing when someone can capture the feeling created by one art form in a completely new medium.

Can you hear the waves? I close my eyes and picture myself standing on a beach.

Music also serves as a powerful source of inspiration. Berlin artist Christine Düwell finds inspiration in music, listening to the piece as she creates and incorporating the sheet music from the piece into the artwork, itself. (I love all of her work but am particularly a fan of the Linien in der Vertikalen series).

I would imagine that writers often find inspiration in music and other forms of art, although I have only once seen a writer acknowledge such an influence in their book (according to the acknowledgments section of both Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, Stephanie Meyer found tremendous inspiration in music by Muse). So I leave you with their latest single, perhaps it will provide some inspiration.

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