Friday, October 15, 2010

Writerly surprises

Remember Justine Dell's amazing contest? I won! I never win stuff like this (but I can't say that anymore, can I?). I got to choose my prize, and I opted for The First Five Pages by Noah Lukeman. I am so excited. Thank you, Justine! And congratulations to the other seven lucky winners!

Big Boots; photo from Cowboys and Indians Magazine
We're currently wrapping up a few days in San Antontio, Texas and head to Austin today. And I just discovered that the Texas Book Festival is in Austin this weekend. I am SO excited!!  We plan to ditch a family barbeque to go. No, not really, but we have found a fabulous set of children's book sessions that we plan to attend, so the kids should be just as happy as I am. :-D

What does life have planned for you this weekend?


  1. Congrats on winning and enjoy the book festival!

  2. Congrats on winning! I will be at the book festival as well-- I'm so happy that I finally live in Austin so I FINALLY get to go to these things!

  3. Grats! I won too, but I'm waiting for her to finish with the others before I get to choose my prize. Well, I don't know if I'll get to choose, maybe I'll just get what's left - which is fine. I'm very grateful :)

    But yay for us!

  4. How awesome! And the boots pix, that is so cool.

    Hope you're having loads of fun.


  5. Well done Alison, sounds like you're having a great time.